10 Oct 2011

The Barnacle

Muralling for The Barnacle Stage at FIELDVIEW FESTIVAL.

Best thing about this is the UV invisible blue paint. It dries completely clear and only shows up under ultra violet light.

Many thanks are in order: To Johnny McIllroy for the setting me loose in his marquee. To Ernst Haeckel for the tendril inspiration. To my brother for making the festival amazing. To Mervyn Peake for the typography. To Chloe Taylor for painting it with me!

Most of all, to Cliff Port, for his wisdom and guidance. Cliff is a very accomplished mural and backdrop artist and has done painted wonders for bands like Hawkwind, Shed 7 and events like Live Aid (yes, the Africa guitars).

Photo credits: Simone Kay, Hattie Knight and Sarah Cape.

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