28 Jun 2011

How to Start a Feynman

I have read a ton of books about Richard Feynman and the one that stood out was the collated interviews between him and Christopher Sykes in 'No Ordinary Genius' (1994). The stories about Feynman's father moved me so much that i thought they deserve a brand new illustrated collation.

The book is comprised out of Feynman's own spoken anecdotes about his formative years with his father, growing up in Far Rockaway on the outskirts of New York. These brief but insightful glimpses show how a Nobel Prize mind is moulded at a very early age.

The book got a lovely review by Bryony from It's Nice That, which you can read here.

If you would like to own one I am setting up a shop and they will be available to order. Send me an email: nataliekaythatcher@gmail.com to confirm a pre-order. Thanks!