17 Feb 2011

ICA Dirty Electronics

The ICA Solder-A-Score is an abstracted graphic representation of a circuit diagram based on an instrument by John Richards.

I Love You  is an embellished description of the performance with the Sudophone.

Skull Etching is a hybrid technical and expressive schematic based on an instrument by John Richards.

John Richards’ work explores performing with self-made instruments and the creation of interactive environments. I was asked to make a series of illustrations for an ICA and Dirty Electronics project in February 2011. The images are featured in the ICA’s Roland magazine and will be hung on the walls during the event. The show features workshops in bad ass instrument building, performances and talks. 

The work is hung until February 20th so get down there an have a look. There is an edition of 40 handmade screen prints of each design at a very reasonable price of £12 each.




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Thanks Rob-S. Your work also excites me.

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