25 Sep 2010


Announcement: I am going to update this with better quality resolution images when I get access to the Über scanners at college. Thank you, take care.

24 Sep 2010


Berlin trip September 2010

Werk break. Helped the fantastic Peter Nencini set up his various installations for the show 'By With and Of' in the Direktorenhaus exhibition space, mitte Berlin. Activities included measuring, sewing, cutting, washing in a sink, eating and laughing.

An unexpected treat came in the form of an abandoned cold war building, built on an artificial hill after the Second World War. Thanks to HCW for leading us through the woods to the eerie Teufelsberg (or Devils Mountain).

This post features: Harriet Cory-Wright, RLLE, Hannah Whitfield, Elisa Strozyk, Action Weaver, Daniel Becker, Roman Bittner and the Bauhaus archiv.