17 Apr 2010

Neutron Star by Johnny and the Chemists

I made this animation for Johnny Drain, an exceptionally talented scientist who also writes beautiful little numbers. The visuals are modeled on vintage science footage, from films such as the Bell System Science series. It was all done using projectors and a digital stills camera.

Johnny & the Chemists have made a few songs about science and mathematics, including a love song that delightfully rhymes “calculate it” with extrapolate it”. Confusingly, Johnny & the Chemists is actually just one man, Johnny Drain, and a guitar, although he works closely with Natalie Kay-Thatcher, an illustrator who also makes rather lovely videos. ‘Neutron Star’, which was specially written and recorded as an EXCLUSIVE for the 2010 festival.

Taken from the Geek Pop website.

Listen to more Johnny and the Chemists here.


emma lewis said...

amazing amazing amazing! can i help next time?

Gwenda said...

Now I have a place in my mind for a 'neutron star' where previously I had none. -A delightful form of learning about scientific things. Thank you!