30 Mar 2010


If you have not been watching 'Wonders of the Solar System' with Professor Brian Cox I strongly recommend it. It's a glorious journey through our galactic neighbourhood, with stunning photography and some very uplifting scientific poetry.

You can watch it here.




27 Mar 2010

Last Hours: Feynman zine review

What a nice surprise. Last Hours - 'an online and occasional print zine for the anti-authoritarian, DIY and punk communities'  have written a review of my Feynman zine.

It's fitting that a character like Feynman should attract the attention of the diy punk community. Feynman had always stated that he had a disrespect for certain authorities, 'the epaulets and uniforms', due to the teachings of his father. One such lesson was when they were both looking at a picture of the Pope with people bowing down in front of him. 'Now, what is the difference between the Pope and those other humans?' He asked. Is it just a hat?

Read the article here.

Thanks to the talented Peter Willis for the encouraging words.

26 Mar 2010

Lithography print

Galaxies to mesons, the very small and the very large collide in a lithographic experiment. 



The wilderness of Gratangen in the icy grip of winter. The frozen fjords cut through the white peaks and by night the light of the moon casts a blue across the landscape, stealing precedence over the aurora borealis and the milky way's majestic back bone. 

Taken on digital slr, film and slide film. The slide film has been cross processed which makes a cheeky surprise colour filtration.

12 Mar 2010

Friday print: Skwimbs on a fade

These were the first things I drew when I decided to be an illustrator, thrice years past. They are self portraits.

9 Mar 2010

The Inconceivable Nature of Nature

'The inconceivable nature of nature' is a hand screen printed publication consisting of my favourite scientific and philosophical prose. I feel tremendous joy and an uplifting of the spirit from the scientific insights that these wonderful humans have shared. Thanks to Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, Richard Feynman, A.C. Grayling, Jacob Bronowski, Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins.