8 Nov 2009

Katie Paterson

A map documenting the locations of just under 27,000 dead stars - all that have been recorded and observed by humankind.

E.M.E (Earth-Moon-Earth) is a form of radio transmission whereby messages are sent in Morse code from earth, reflected from the surface of the moon, and then received back on earth. The moon reflects only part of the information back – some is absorbed in its shadows, ‘lost’ in its craters.

For this work, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata has been translated into Morse code and sent to the moon via E.M.E. Returning to earth ‘fragmented’ by the moon’s surface, it has been re-translated into a new score, the gaps and absences becoming intervals and rests. 


7 Oct 2009

Another cluster of scans from my developing black and white book. Warts and all.

27 Aug 2009

Feynman Zine

If you would like to own this limited edition publication then contact me at nataliekaythatcher@gmail.com.

15 Aug 2009

Vertical drawing

For Jump the Shark Camberwell first year Illustration show held in a liesure centre and Field View Festival on the DJ booth.

Thanks to Penny, Rosie, Bea, Jen and Robin for all their wonderful help and presence.

21 May 2009


A chronological biopic of the media satirist Joey Skaggs; in one take!

Hi Natalie,

Very, very funny and wonderfully original. Kudos! Thanks for letting me know.



28 Apr 2009

woodlings in weirdlands from nadia krol on Vimeo.

Tale of the Woodlings

We made costumes and ran around a forest.

25 Apr 2009

Incredulous breakfast

Demetri Martin graced this page with his signature on a recent trip to New York.